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Configuring Netscape Communicator

This page describes how to set up and use Netscape Communicator for accessing your Newsville account.

Netscape Communicator is the Internet package provided by Netscape Communications.

The Netscape Communicator package includes several components for accessing various internet services. These include Navigator for surfing the web, Messenger for reading e-mail, and Collabra for reading news from newsgroups. All these components are accessible through "Start" and then "Programs" and then "Netscape-folder".

When it comes to reading news you have two choices with Netscape.

Either starting Netscape's browser (Navigator) and then accessing our web-page at and starting a news session from there, or, starting Collabra directly without starting the Navigator browser.

We will provide instructions for the first method as it is both easier and more reliable.

As with any news reader, you have in Collabra to:

1 Specify the news server (NNTP) from which it will retrieve the news groups and the articles, and setup your account according to the username and password you submitted with your application.

2 Download the complete listing of newsgroups we carry and subscribing to the ones that interest you.

1. Setting up Netscape Collabra for accessing your news groups account.

  • Start Netscape Navigator (Or Collabra if you wish)
  • Go to the menu on the top and select "Edit", and then
  • Preferences

A new window will appear as shown below.

This is where you can set all the settings and your personal preferences in Netscape Communicator. This window is accessed by any of the programs that come in Netscape Communicator. It's always under "Edit" and then "Preferences".

The first thing we want to do is to set the News Server to be:

as shown below.


For a "Discussion group (news) folder" you may choose any directory

you wish, in your hard drive, or just leave the default.

After that, Netscape is configured to receive and retrieve news and news groups from our server. The only thing left to do is actually logging in our server. You can do this by visiting our news server page at :

and click on the "Log In" button. Then type your username and password as you submitted them to us.

Please note that Newsville user-id's and passwords are case sensitive, i.e., "Joe" is different from "joe".

You will get a message that says you are authorized to use the service.

The first couple of pages after the authorization procedure, have a general, categorized listing of newsgroups. Please note that the different listings that appear on the screen, are, at first, "Sets of newsgroups" and not actually newsgroups.

By further clicking one of the newsgroups, Netscape Navigator, the browser, will "initiate" Netscape Collabra, the news-reader.

A new window, Collabra's will therefore appear on the screen:


2  Download the complete listing of newsgroups we carry and subscribing to the ones that interest you.

  • Highlight ""
  • Click on the right mouse button and from the new menu that pops down
  • Select "Subscribe to discussion groups"

A new window will appear, and start loading the news-groups list from our server. This list is once again, categorized.

You may click on the "plus sign" on the left, to reveal the complete structure of that directory, just like in File manager.

Then you may select some newsgroups that interest you and then click the "Subscribe" button.


After doing the above and then clicking "ok" you will be facing something similar to this.


To start reading news in one of the subscribed newsgroups, simply double-click on that newsgroup from the window above. This act will launch Collabra which enables reading articles and viewing attached pictures, if any, at the same time.

Eventually, you will be reading articles in a window similar to the one below.


Collabra has a very helpful and intuitive menu on the top, from which you can perform all the basic and common functions really fast. In addition it also has a very extended help file that teaches you how to do the wealth of more advanced tasks that it has available.

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