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Configuring Microsoft Outlook Express

This page describes how to set up and use Microsoft Outlook Express for your Newsville account. The first part, A, describes how to set up a new News account in Outlook Express.

The second part B, describes how to use your Newsville account.

A. Start Outlook Express. You will see a window that appears as shown:


From this window, select Tools, and then Accounts. A new window will appear in which you can set all your different accounts settings for both your news account(s) and your e-mail account(s). Since we are interested in setting this up for accessing the Usenet News groups through the Newsville server, select "News" from the window below.

In there you have two options:

1. To add a new account, i.e., with Newsville, by clicking on:

  • Add, and then
  • News

And following the instructions on the screen to set your username and password and the name of the News (NNTP) server which is:


2. To edit your existing account with Newsville, as it is highlighted in the picture below, and then by selecting "Properties" you can retype the username, password etc. that you use to access our service.

You might want to do that in case you typed something wrong in Part 1 above.


Please note, while you are setting the news server name in the Internet Wizard setup in Part 1, to make sure that you place a check where it says

  • My news server requires me to log on,

as shown below:


After you are finished setting up your account for Newsville, you will have the server name: "" shown within your accounts window. By highlighting it and selecting "properties" you will get a window from where all your settings can be changed or updated, as shown below:


B. To get a list of the available Newsgroups hosted on the Newsville server, go to the main menu on the top of Outlook and select :

  • Tools, and then:
  • Newsgroups

This will initiate a connection with our server In order to retrieve a complete listing of the available newsgroups. You will get the window shown below which after a while will have a very long list of the newsgroups we carry. It would make sense if you subscribe to frequently viewed groups. By subscription we merely mean a "classification" and sorting means of the groups that interest you(as opposed to the ones that don't), since you are already subscribed by default to all the groups we offer access to. So to "subscribe":

  • Select desired group.
  • Click the Subscribe button.
  • Repeat this procedure for all desired groups.
  • To Show only the subscribed groups:
  • Click on the Subscribed tab below the newsgroups list.

Click OK


With that you are finished with the basic setup. Now, to start reading articles :

  • Start Outlook Express.
  • Select from the Go menu News. The list of the News Groups that you have subscribed will appear.
  • Select one of the news groups to which you have subscribed to and double click, or click on
  • the News Groups icon to see a list of available News Groups.
  • This will begin to download the headers in the selected newsgroup.
  • Click on an article header to view the article.

So, as an example assuming you have subscribed to the newsgroup: "ab.politics", after doing the steps above you will be looking at a window like this:

On the top it shows the name of the newsgroup currently viewed. Then in the top window you see all the available articles in "ab.politics". On the bottom window you see what a selected article says, or you view its picture if it has a picture attachment.



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