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Configuring News Xpress

This page describes how to configure and use News Xpress to access your Newsville account.

Before accessing your account you need to setup News Xpress by specifying the News Server name, as well as your username and password as you submitted them to us with your application. After that, you need to download the complete listing of newsgroups we offer access to, and then subscribe to a few that interest you.

1.  Setting up News Xpress

Start News Xpress. The following window will appear.


From the menu on top select:

  • File, and then
  • Options

In this section you can setup all the different settings and personal preferences in News Xpress. First go to the section "Servers and directory" and set

  • The news server to be:
  • Set your username and password as you submitted them to us
  • Set the port number to be: 119

Then go to the section "Personal information"


For News Xpress to work, you need to, at least, fill in your e-mail address in the personal information section.

Then go to the section: Newsgroup and

  • Select : Retrieve all active groups

Then go to the section: Miscellaneous and

  • Select some directory in your hard drive for the attachments) or pictures you intend to download.

Press OK when finished.

2.  First steps in News Xpress

After finishing all the configuration steps as described above ,you need to first download the list of groups we offer access to.

  • Go to File
  • Select Connect

This will connect you to the server and will download all the groups available.

Since this is a very long list, it will make sense to scroll down and select some groups that interest you. After highlighting each one of them:

  • Go to Group
  • Select Subscribe
  • Go to the bottom Tab Subscribed

You will then be facing something similar to this.


This list shows some (4) subscribed groups. To begin reading the articles, simply double-click on one of the groups. A new window will appear with all the articles currently on the server for that news-group.


By further double clicking on one of the listed article-headers, a third window will appear with the actual article. If the article in question has a picture or binary attachment to it, you can download that attachment by:

  • Highlight the article
  • Go to the top menu and click on Article
  • Select Decode

This process will download the picture in whatever directory you have specified according to the instructions in Part 1 above.

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