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Newsville.Com provides access to more than 50,000 real Usenet discussion newsgroups for individuals, businesses and ISPs since 1995. You will enjoy easy and quick access, through news reading NNTP USENET compliant software, or through our custom webnews interface, from anywhere in the world with a simple Internet connection! Download MP3s, music, videos, software, share your experiences with other people, collaborate and learn about new topics of interest!!

Main Newsgroup Hierarchies:
alt Alternative. Any topic: the creation of these groups is not moderated. Includes many groups featuring binary posts of pictures, music, etc.
biz Commercially oriented (business)
comp Computers: all subjects, including hardware, software, networking, and administration
gnu The GNU project of the Free Software Foundation
info Informational groups (moderated)
k12 Kindergarten through 12th grade education
misc Miscellaneous topics including health, jobs, law, investing, small ads, etc
news About the news system itself: documentation, software, administration
rec Recreation, sports and hobby discussions
sci Scientific research topics
soc Social topics and world cultures
talk Talk, gossip, debates and discussion about current affairs, etc

See the complete listing for many more topics!

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